Fapes in Italy is the great interpreter of PVC window, a leading manufacturer of polyvinyl chloride industrial doors, windows and monoblocks. Fapes factory in Sergnano, Italy, feature of the most advanced automated systems in Europe. Fapes manages the entire production cycle, from the research of raw materials for the production of outlines to the construction of windows with classical Italian design.

Values: the key of success


MADE IN ITALY:FAPES is a unique example of an Italian company in the panorama of PVC. Unique because it’s the only one who products entirely made in Italy.


KNOW-HOW:For 50 years now, to speak of PVC windows in Italy, means to speak about FAPES. This goal could only be reached by managing to build something important and valuable. To produce and distribute on the market a fixture starting from the raw material of PVC powder must require a lot of professionalism. And all this happens in Sergnano, in Lombardy.


TECHNOLOGY:The windows, the shutters, and the doors are made through technologically advanced production processes in order to offer the best possible product available today.


INNOVATION:Innovating in a traditional sector such as that of windows-production may seem almost impossible, but when working with PVC, we realize that nothing is impossible. Innovation means for us to prove the ability to adapt to changing market needs. Especially from the point of view of performances, developing customized solutions.


GLOBAL SERVICE: -Product design; -Expert advice to offer the best solution; -Closeness to the customer from the point of view of organization and distribution -High quality installation and setup; After sales support .


INSTALLATION: A bad installation can undermine the performance of the window and often becomes the subject of dispute. In addition, the new European standards for energy efficiency, air tightness and thermal insulation of a building have become fundamental in particular with regard to the installation of windows and doors. Over 30% of energy consumption for heating can be attributed to the dispersal of the frames.



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