A complete selection
Fapes since more than 50 years produces PVC windows on order, with respect for its customers, customizing the opening, the size, the trims and the functions.
Our selection includes fixtures that guarantee a high acoustic, thermal-insulation together with an efficient protection from weather.
Our products are provided with the best anti-burglary devices who can be improved to the best standards allowed by current laws.
Fapes fixtures require no maintenance which means saving in money and enduring aesthetic features and performances.
Fapes provides its customers with a wide range of fixtures with an unique design that can be costumed according to colors. The wide choice contributes to satisfy your needs and allows you to match our fixtures to the different brickworks and styles.
Our windows fit any contest, from countryside houses to high-tech buildings, from classical environments to post-industrial rooms, from homes to commercial rooms. Moreover they enrich the space both aesthetically and functionally.