Fapes from Our systems blackout louvered slats fixed and adjustable stem from a market need Italian born in the eighties, that have the ability to install products blackout characterized by high aesthetics, mechanical resistance, weather resistance, and especially total absence of maintenance in time.

Fapes was the first Italian company to respond to this need by designing and patenting blackout PVC unassailable from weather and atmospheric agents, providing them with accessories in steel resistant to salt and can ensure high load.

The demands of our customers have confirmed the effectiveness of this choice and rewarding the company making the product a pattern of success. For systems today blackout Fapes can be installed in adaptation to all situations existing masonry by means of complementary profiles which outer frames of different sizes and mounting systems designed ad hoc.

Our range is completed with different solutions, and Venetian blinds can protect from the sun and prying eyes.

NEW 2015 !!! Only for 2015 all systems drapes fall in tax deduction of 65% but replaced separately from the windows.