Beginning of the 60ies
-The company is born as carpenter’s shop to produce and sell wood-made goods in the town of Sergnano in the province of Cremona.
- The invention’s material. The production of PVC roller-blinds to be introduced in the catalogue of products intended for the regional market of individuals and companies. The improvement was supported by the introduction of this new material in northern Europe, which allowed to realize innovative solutions in particular concerning the construction industry. Fapes, always ready to implement new technologies, was among the first Italian companies to catch the change.
- Foundation of FAPES S.p.A. Registering the huge success at the end of the 60ies and the beginning of the 70ies, the property decided to invest on the production of PVC.
-Complete conversion from wood to PVC production. Production of the first PVC windows which represent a real revolution for the Italian national market. Fapes was the first company to introduce innovative concepts into the Italian market such as: thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, no maintenance. Production of the first PVC monoblock (window, roller shutter, roller shutter box) which allowed the company to engage into residential market with a wide range of products and to expand the target.
’76 – ’80
- Expansion of the products range. Industrialization of the production process and computerization of the administration. Fapes confirms its guiding-role inside the Italian market.
-Italian territory of a network of sellers to better meet the private market. Constitution of a network of agents to meet the building industry. -Creating network multiple agents turned to shipbuilding.
- Improvement and developing of the sales network. Computerization of the production sectors through interfacing it with computer software. Constitution of a laboratory to carry on chemical and mechanical tests on each products so to meet the requirements set by law UNI8648/8649.Fapes was among the first company in Italy to guarantee a total control of the whole production process from the purchase of the raw materials, the extrusion of the profiles, up to setting up of the end product. This means quality granted for the customer.
- 8000 mq enlargement of the company, new productive lay-out, completely computerized.
- Fapes is always up to date: adaptation to new standards concerning safety and performance.
- Installation of the new solar panels, each year -250 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere. 30% of the required energy is self-produced..
- Constitution of a new sales network called Fapes Point aimed to the market of restorations and energetic renovations.