1. dumpster
  2. handle
  3. glass
  4. hinges
  5. glazing
  6. door
  7. chassis
  8. handling/belt





Fixtures simple:
1) Replacing frame: frame designed for the renovation to be applied on existing frames without masonry.
2) Base frame Piana: fixture suitable for direct mounting to the wall.
3) Fixtures with subframe: fixture designed for wall applications typical of Italy, that is, through the use of a “template”.
4) Front door: door security, blind or glass.
5) Persian “Sunscreen” blind slats designed for direct mounting to walls.
6) Antone “Eclipse / Laguna”: antone vertical slats to be fixed directly to the masonry.

Products compounds
1) Monoblock FP76/98-04: Unit composed by sub-frame, window, housing and blind all in PVC
2) Monobloc Sunscreen: Unit composed by sub-frame, window, one-piece frame and shutters with adjustable slats.
3) Monoblock with Antone. Unit composed by sub-frame, window, frame and engine block and antone vertical slats.
The simple products (1-2-3) and compounds (1-2-3) can be matched with the following models of doors that open: – MOD. GENESY – MOD. ATMOSFERA 02 – MOD. ONDHA – MOD. ONDHA + The features are as follows: 80 x 73 (80×110 for ondha +), open joint, coplanarity external glass 23 o 35 mm.


Safe use

  • Check the open limit and do not push the door after this position.
  • Do not overload the sash opening.
  • Do not insert anything between the door opening and the fixed frame.
  • When closing, do not put your hand between the door and frame.
  • In the closing position of prominence and sliding accompany the door with a hand push.
  • No naked flame sources close to the window frame.
  • Heat sources must be away from the frame (over 50 cm).
  • Be very careful when closing the window and / or Persian in strong wind.
  • Do not over when you want to open or close the shutter.
  • The raising and lowering of the roller must be followed by holding the strap with both hands avoiding to slide the belt speed.
  • The movement of the belt must always frontally.
  • Do not leave the window open in the presence of children unsupervised.
  • Fapes windows can be designed to make the house a space accessible, usable and accessible to persons with disabilities.

Use healthy
To improve the living quality and avoid problems caused by the excessive moisture is necessary to make regular cycles of opening for changing the air of the house. The easiest way to counter the air is to fully open the window for about 5 minutes several times a day. Vapors, and moisture coming out of the window while the internal temperature does not undergo significant changes. And ‘possible to make a partial change of air through the flap opening windows especially on hot days. It ‘not advisable to open the window to the fore particularly in humid rooms if the outside temperature falls below freezing since the cold outside air is cool only the side walls near the window promoting the formation of mold. Recall that the ideal value of a house humidity must be between 40% and 55%; while the inner temperature of the house must be between 18 ° C and 20 ° C, but not less than 16 ° C.
The frame PVC, it is known, is characterized by a high level of thermal insulation (K = 1.30). That feature alone ensures that there is no condensation in the window.
We check now two problems that, despite the above may occur, their causes and possible solutions.
1) Presence of condensation on the window and on the glass:
Possible causes:
- High humidity;
- The house is very airy;
- Presence of plants near the windows;
- Ventilate the house more;
- Reduce the number of plants by the window;
- Verify the external causes such as the plaster too cool, the type of lining;
- Check moisture;
2) Presence of mold around the window:
Possible causes:
- The new windows are more insulating than previous;
- High humidity and poor air; – The house is new and is still left a lot of moisture;
- If the house is new it is more advisable to ventilate the environment and increase the temperature of the heater and make sure to circulate the air in the premises of the house.
- In other cases, more ventilate the house, remove the causes that create these problems. Dry the area of mold with hot air and clean the area with a cloth moistened with a disinfectant cleaner.


Window Swing: The use of the window is normally done through the “opening system”.
1. Handle to vertical position down = closed position.
2. Handle in horizontal position = door opening swing.
3. Handle vertically upwards = wing flap opening.
All windows Fapes are equipped with system “incorrect operation safety lock”, ie a system which ensures that the leaf a maneuver from position 3 to position 2 (opening door) the gate is open. The opening system may be limited through the use of handle with close button or group removable handle.

Sliding window: The opening system we use is called “parallel sliding” and provides one fixed and one that can do the following:
A) Opening operation:
1) Vertical handle upwards: sliding door in the closed position;
2) Handle horizontal sliding door in tilt position;
3) Handle down: sliding door is released from the fixed frame;
4) Pull the handle side: sliding rail of the fixed frame.
B) Closing operation
1) Lateral thrust the handle: sliding rail, and subsequent lower end of the leaf on the frame. The door is well positioned fore.
2) Moving the handle from horizontal to vertical upward: door in the closed position swing.

Window Wasistas:
1) wASISTAS HANDLE ON UPRIGHT AND CROSS: The handle can be positioned parallel to the riser or crossbar: closed position handle perpendicular: door position limelight
2) WASISTAS WITH RATCHET: The opening takes place with the shot of the opening system down and closing with the pressure exerted on the leaf against the fixed frame. The window can be equipped with systems for opening and closing at a distance.

Front door: The locking system supplied is called “Automatic”. It is based on the fact that when the wing beats against the frame two clasps (upper and lower) are positioned in the closure, a flow with the key locks the sash in the closed position of 3 points.
The Portoncino input can also be equipped with other systems of opening – closing (see for example: electric lock).

Persian: The system closed – open is guaranteed by tit, or by an auction that guarantees the closing of 3 points (the lower, middle and upper). The top and bottom locking points are positioned on the frame and masonry block, the central locking is ensured by the positioning of the knob of the door leading into the secondary feedback positioned in the door.

Roller blind: The movement systems of the roller are different; the standard equipment is the system wrapper and strap. This system is used for the opening with the shooting down of the strap that goes in this way to wind nell’avvolgitore, for closure with the release of the strap that wraps this time in the pulley. E ‘possible to provide the right frame handling systems winch rod or with electric motor.


Elements in PVC: It ‘simply request a constant surface cleaning

Hardware store.: To ensure proper functionality of the window should be cleaned once or twice a year the parties concerned to movements with a brush and lubricate them with oil.

Seals: The seals should be cleaned once a year. The seals maintain their elasticity passing once every two years a cloth soaked in Vaseline.

Water drain holes: And ‘necessary to verify if at the time of cleaning the gutter water collection and its outflow holes are blocked by accumulation of dirt. In that case, remove the dirt with a brush.

Warning: After installation make the installer (dealer) to show you the proper functioning of the product and any simple remedies for small problems related to closing – opening windows. For any other problem contact your dealer and ask for the intervention.


After installation of the frame to remove the protective film.

Clean the inside and outside of the window, the shutter, of the roller and the box can be done using plenty of hot water and detergent-type neutral use in your home, without rinsing and then it is advisable to dry with a soft cloth. In case the dirt is hard to use cream cleaners, rinse and dry with soft cloth. And ‘possible to use steam as long as required to 40 cm from the frame; it is not advisable to use steam in the presence of low outside temperature.

Please do not use aggressive detergents, solvents or alcohol in order to avoid damage to the window frame.

Finally it is recalled that the PVC windows, after removal of the protective film, when it is dry-cleaned with rubbing presents on its surface electrostatics. It is advisable in these cases to use plenty of hot water with detergent.

The glass and seals may be cleaned using cleaning products or water with vinegar.

The handles should be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth.